Landscape Lighting

Robinson Landscape specializes in designing and installing landscape lighting systems. Upon the initial inquiry, we set up a meeting with the customer. During the meeting, we will walk the property and discuss areas that will give the best lighting accents. Generally, these areas include trees, columns, shrubbery, and the house. After the initial meeting, we will design a system using an LED bulb system. During installation, we will install the transformer with a photocell eliminating the use of a timer as well as light fixtures that have a lifetime warranty.  Our lighting systems are energy efficient and zero maintenance that will bring tranquility and beauty to your house when the sun sets.

The Benefits of Professionally Installed Low Voltage Lighting

  • Sharper and cleaner lighting which high voltage systems cannot possibly achieve. Low voltage lighting will beautifully enhance any outdoor landscaping and architecture using subtle lighting accents.
  • A deterrent to crime. Outdoor lighting increases safety and protection for your family by illuminating your property.
  • Increased Energy Efficiency – Low voltage systems are more affordable to install and maintain, and burn a fraction of the energy required by high voltage lighting systems.
  • Increase your living space to the outdoors.
  • Enjoy your outdoor living space long after sunset. Outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy more hours outside and creates a tranquil environment for entertaining.
  • Professional installation with no disruption to your home or landscaping. Low voltage landscape lighting is an art form requiring quality, creativity, professional installation.
  • Worry Free. We install lighting fixtures with a Lifetime warranty.
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LED vs Halogen Landscape Lighting?


In the past making the choice to use Halogen Landscape Lighting over LED took little thought. For a natural professional look halogen landscape lighting had no competition. LED, still early in its development, was poor quality and provided inconsistent lighting effects at best. At worst the LED landscape lighting fixtures would break shortly after purchase.


From the consumer’s point of view, LED landscape lighting has made little if any progress. LED landscape lighting is typically only made available to consumers via big box retail stores. Solar landscape lighting is what people typically think of when it comes to consumer LED outdoor lighting. Lighting is too weak to be of any value and light quality is unnatural. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to professional grade LED landscape lighting fixtures. LED, thanks to green technology over the past few years, has certainly arrived and moved quickly to the top when it comes to many professional lighting applications.

Professional LED landscape lighting from VOLT® is indistinguishable from high quality halogen fixtures. In addition, any of VOLT®’s standard halogen fixtures can be easily converted over to LED with the exception of a few specialty lights. There is a professional LED bulb equivalent for almost every halogen outdoor bulb; making it easy to convert existing systems without undergoing a landscape lighting redesign.

LED has a serious advantage over halogen landscape lighting: “flexibility”. With LED you not only lower the power requirements needed to produce a particular lighting effect but you can be less vigilant when creating your landscape lighting layout plan. Voltage drop issues that frequently plague halogen lighting designs are all but non existent with LED landscape lighting. Halogen landscape lighting fixtures on the same “run” must all be equal distance from the transformer for consistency sake; but with LED these fixtures could all be daisy chained. This can save both time and money.